Mob Match @ South Oxhey ParkRun

Sudbury Court a small, friendly local running club and good supporters of our Watford Autumn 10K, have challenged the Watford Joggers to a mob match @ South Oxhey ParkRun on Sat 17th March.

The idea is that everyone counts. The overall score for each club is based on all the runners WAVA scores added up and then divided by the number of the club’s runners.

In Sudbury Court’s last Mob Match (v. Metros), in November, Metros put out 54 runners, scoring an age-graded average of 60%, whilst Sudbury Court had 15 runners averaging 56.5%. Basically, it's as simple as that.

For this to work all Watford Joggers first claim members competing must be registered as Watford Joggers on their Parkrun profile so they show up in the results.

Second claim members are also welcome we just need to know in advance of the Mob Match who you are registered with so we can declare you are running as second claim runners to Sudbury Court beforehand.

*** ParkRun Plus will also be moved to South Oxhey that day so you don’t miss out on your interval training session.

This event is not scheduled to take place or has already happened

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