Membership Fees (to 31-Jan-2019)


    Membership Fee Includes:


    • West Herts Sports Club Social Membership
    • English Athletics Association (EAA) Affiliation


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    • SINGLE MEMBER inc West Herts Sports Club & English Athletics Affiliation
    • £45.00
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    • SINGLE MEMBER inc. West Herts Sports Club
    • £30.00
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    • ADDITIONAL FAMILY MEMBER inc. West Herts Sports Club & English Athletics Affiliation
    • £30.00
    • available

    • ADDITIONAL FAMILY MEMBER inc. West Herts Sports Club
    • £15.00
    • available

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    Rules & Conditions of Membership (The Small Print!)
    1. Membership fees are due on the commencement of the club year, 1st February and should be paid as promptly as possible. Where payment is not forthcoming within 90 days of this date, the club reserves the right to withdraw membership and/or to levy a surcharge on the fee due.
    2. An individual’s membership of the club is only active once the membership fee has been paid. Only active members are covered by club insurance and entitled to run in club colours.
    3. Membership details are held within a database and the club will ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to ensure that member’s personal details are kept confidential. By applying for membership of the club, an individual is consenting to their personal data being stored and used for legitimate club purposes, including (but not limited to):
    a. Providing information to other sports clubs or organisations for appropriate purposes such as race entry
    b. Circulating contact details to other members of Watford Joggers
    c. Publication of race results
    If a member wishes to ‘opt out’ of such usage of their personal data, they must make this known to the club Membership Secretary.
    4. In order to enter races as an ‘Affiliated Athlete’ and to benefit from the normal £2 race entry fee reduction, a member must have paid the English Athletics annual affiliation fee detailed on the membership form. Membership of the club does not, in itself, confer affiliated status upon an individual.
    5. If a member is also a member of another EA affiliated club, they must make this known to Watford Joggers and declare which club is their ‘first claim’.
    6. Members will make every effort to run competitive events in club colours.
    7. All members agree to be bound by the club constitution, a copy of which is available on the club web site, or on request from the Club Secretary.
    West Herts Sports Club
    Social membership of West Herts Sports Club (also known as Associate Membership) entitles members of Watford Joggers to the use of specified West Herts facilities at all times, not just in relation to Watford Joggers events. Further details on West Herts facilities are available at or at the club itself.
    Watford Joggers members will also be eligible to apply for discounted annual membership of West Herts Squash & Fitness ( providing access to additional facilities such as gym, squash courts & beauty salon.

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