AGM Minutes 2019 (Draft - to be endorsed at 2020 AGM)

Minutes of the 42nd Annual General Meeting
Wednesday 6th February 2019 at 9.00pm


Present:  Frances Chater, Linda McQuaid, Emma Jeffrey, Jane Welch, Andreas Schwartz, Ollie Hill, Steve Davies, Sean Collum, John Henke, Philippa Griffin, David O’Sullivan, Sam Allen, Kika Watford, Rebecca Read, Scott Mitchell, Hanif Mohammed, Gail Winter, Katerina Fellas, Claire Fitzgerald, Jackie Clifft, Sue Defoe, Jeff Peters, Rod Hewson, Rob Gaddie, Richard Bird, Rob Brooks, Sarah Sharman, Colin Taylor, Steve Norris, Carl Graham, Joanne Duggan, Rob Kenison, Sarah Coltman, Lory Pace, Angela Edwards, Marcus Edwards, Angela Keogh, Tim Woolridge, Martin Bennett, Natalie Lightman, Lucy Glass, Charles Henderson, Kate Pickard, Mack Nichols, Andrew Lord, Chris Roberts, Will Frost, Aileen Brennan, Douglas McQuaid, Steve Hewitt, Mark Studdart, Anatole Ransom, Hanue Chan, Ricky Moore, Joshua Worthington, Tim Cook.

Apologies for absence were received from Clare Bonnick, John O’Connor, Keith Taylor and Ann Farrell.

The Chairman welcomed everybody to the AGM.

1. New Hope Charity – Charity of the Year 2018

Rebecca Palmer, the Fundraising Manager from New Hope reported back on the funds raised by Watford Joggers during 2018. The total was £5029.29. This is going to be allocated to the Haven support centre for rough sleeping prevention.


 2. Matters arising from minutes of 7th February 2018

The minutes of the AGM held on Wednesday 7th February 2018 were reviewed by the attendees, there were no matters arising.


3. Officers reports:

a) Treasurer (Douglas McQuaid)

Copies of the accounts were distributed to attendees.

Accounts are prepared on a cash basis i.e. we don’t accrue, so items appear when they are paid, not necessarily as they are incurred – this is mainly the cross-over from one accounting year to another, when members pay in January for a subscription starting in February, and prepayments for the Awards Night.

In reality, this evens out year on year. We generally see a surplus of around £3,000 per year.

The Club has a healthy balance sheet.  The funds on account have increased from approximately from £16400 in 2018 to £19,500 in 2019.

Subscriptions more than cover the costs of using West Herts as our base.

Revenue is also raised from Watford Autumn 10k – a net profit of around £3,700 was achieved.

Some of this surplus has been re-invested into kit for the event (e.g. gazebos and tables).

It was also recommended that we re-invest some money in people development. No funds were used for coaches development this year.

In the coming year, we may not see the income that we normally receive from providing marshals for the Watford ½ Marathon. If the insurance company pay the Harriers, then we will still receive these funds.

Social events tend to break even over the year.

There are still some funds due to be refunded from the Christmas party.

Funds are also spent on the club entering cross country, mid-week leagues etc.


Various queries were raised by members:

  • Charity funds aren’t recorded in the club accounts. Any funds raised have gone straight to the charity rather than being accumulated by the club.

  • Vitality 10k – we are still due to be reimbursed for the coach for last year.

  • EA – any discrepancies are just timing issues regarding when monies are received and paid on.

  • There was a query about our membership of the Association of Running Clubs. It helps cover people who are not EA members. Whether this is valuable to the club is something that will be discussed further at the next committee meeting. And clarification of what members get from their EA membership could be communicated more widely.


b) Membership Secretary (Sarah Coltman)  

In the last year we had a record total of 215 members - which breaks down as follows:

  • 19 Life Members, 158 Single Members, 38 Family Members

  • 113 want EAA, 102 don’t want EAA

  • 94 Females and 121 Males

  • 40 brand new members

  • 175 returning members

In 2017 we had a total of 208 members with a total of 51 new members, 23 of which did not return for 2018 with 12 other people that also left, so we did lose 35 people somewhere down a canal or behind a tree in the park!

c) Kit Officer (Gail Winter)

Kit sales this year of £1271 – majority made up of Harlequin t-shirts and vests, bolstered by club entry into cross country and mid-week leagues.

Purchases exceed the kit sales for the year.

£2,600 was spent on buffs and medals for the Autumn 10k.

Some items are not being sold, but there will be a special sale on this stock.

There are some unbranded items which it is recommended are donated to charity.

Kit goals for the coming year include consolidating the kit suppliers and investigating better quality vests, pacer bibs, branded marshal bibs and track suits.

If members have suggestions for kit, they can discuss with Gail.

Some items such as bespoke kit bags would require a group order and cannot be held in stock.


d) Website (Rob Kenison & Natalie Lightman)

The old website was not functioning well and did not comply with GDPR legislation. Brian James led the initial transition over to the new Wix site. However, Brian stepped down from the role and Rob formed a working group with various members to analyse the site and rebuild it so that it works more efficiently and is mobile friendly. There are still issues with historic race data. Not all of this has migrated to the new site.

Natalie Lightman has now taken up the mantle and has done a lot of work in continuing to improve the site.

The current enhancements will include a committee page, a refresh of the home page, an improved results search page and de-duplication of some of the results.

Natalie is open to feedback and suggestions on future enhancements.


e) Social (Josh Worthington)

Pasta party (Marcia), Barbecue (Colin et al), Quiz (Jeff & Jo), Christmas party all went well. In 2019, there will be similar events.

If people would like to help with events this year, they should speak to Josh.

f) Chairman (Rob Kenison)

The club has continued to develop.

Some areas of strength over the last year:

  • Representation at cross country leagues and regional and national events. A wide range of members across the pace spectrum have attended and this has become good social aspect of the club.

  • Lory Pace’s marketing of the club via social media both internally and externally.

  • Thanks to Steve Norris for entering the club into the summer mid-week league where we earned promotion into division 2.

  • A number of club members have represented the club in international races including desert marathons and ultramarathons.

  • The Autumn 10k has continued to showcase the club to the outside world.


There are also some areas for improvement:

  • Too much of the coaching is reliant on the 4 current coaches (Marcus, Angela, Nick and Colin). If anybody would be interested in stepping up to join the coaching panel, they can speak to the committee.

  • Club night runs always seem short of group leaders. It would be helpful for more experienced members to offer to lead these groups.

  • The website still needs work to make it more effective and user friendly.


Thanks to Mark Nicholls, Jeff Peters, Jo Sherman, Josh Worthington, Marcia Quinn, Douglas and Linda McQuaid, Tim Cook, John Henke, Colin Taylor, Kika Watford, Steve Norris, Marcus & Angela Edwards, and Phillipa Griffin for co-ordinating various club socials and running events.

Thanks were noted to Sue Defoe, Paul Biswell and Tim Cook who are stepping down from the committee after this year.

Three new committee members – Sean Collum, Katerina Fellas and Kika Watford were nominated and were approved unanimously.

Costs of membership were proposed to remain the same – this was approved unanimously.

No amendments were proposed to the club constitution.

New Hope was recommended as the club charity for the year, which was again approved unanimously.

4. AOB

Colin Taylor thanked Rob for his leadership on behalf of the club.

Suggestions can be made to the relevant members of the committee via the new committee page that is being developed on the website.

A query was raised as to how committee members are selected for future terms. The club constitution explains this and will be added to the website. It was requested that there is greater transparency around elections.