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What is this scheme for?

The aim of the Beechnut Standards is to give each runner, regardless of ability, the motivation and the focus to train for a specific goal. Setting realistic and achievable standards within the club not only encourages a sense of fulfillment on achieving your target but will also hopefully motivate and inspire other athletes to have a go.

Who is eligible for the club awards?

Any current member of Watford Joggers.

What race distances count towards the scheme?

  • 5km

  • 1 mile (at Club Track Night)

  • 5 miles

  • 10km

  • 10 miles

  • half marathon

  • 20 miles

  • marathon


Road races must be ARC or UKA/RRC certified for accuracy.


Races qualify for the Motiv-8 Award if they have the race distance in their title e.g. "The Amersham 5" is OK for a 5 mile run.

How do I achieve my Beechnut Award?

Your best four standard scores at different distances from the selection of eight above count plus competing in one league or championship cross country race as a Watford Jogger. (County, Area or National, U20, senior or vets)

The standard achieved will be the lowest of the four times ie 1 gold standard time, 2 silver, 1 bronze = bronze Beechnut

So what's a Motiv-8 Award?

Awarded to any Jogger who completes all 8 distances during the year irrespective of time, and a cross country run as detailed above.


Having achieved a Beechnut or Motiv-8 Award how do I go about registering my achievement?

Simply email or present your results to the Secretary in the events by the end of the year.

Download Beechnut and Motiv-8 claim forms here:     

Motiv-8 Claim Form 2018

Beechnut Claim form 2018

What will I receive on achieving a club award?

You will be presented with an official Watford Joggers Beechnut certificate or Joggers Motiv-8 Badge.Awards will be presented at the AGM (usually in February).

If I race abroad and achieve a club standard, does it count?

Yes it does. As long as it's an official sanctioned race by a recognised athletic governing body.

Do training runs count?

No ... only official races count as these are accurately measured and timed.

How many certificates can I be awarded?

Only one each year, unless you move up an age group during the year when you might be able to claim one for each age group.



Awards are for the times set in the current year.

The Joggers Beechnut Standard is awarded at the discretion of the Committee to Joggers who


  1. submit race times to the Club Secretary by December for any four standards of the eight distances achieved in the current year

  2. are current members of Watford Joggers and were when the submitted races were run

  3. have taken part in one Cross country event for the Club


Standards should be for accurately measured road or Multi-terrain but not track or XC. However the 1 mile event is excepted as this is intended to be run at the Annual Club Track Night

The qualifying events should be run under BAF Rules, where the course is accurately measured. However, with some of the shorter distances consideration may be given to standards gained at fun runs etc. where the distance is known to be accurate.

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