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Club Awards

The aim of the Club awards is to give every Club member, regardless of ability, the motivation and the focus to train for a specific goal. Setting realistic and achievable standards within the Club not only encourages a sense of fulfilment on achieving a target but also inspires and motivates other members to have a go!

There are two types of awards available: BEECHNUT and MOTIV-8. 

Races between January-December in a calendar year can be submitted for that year's awards.


Requirements for a Beechnut Award

You need to achieve a minimum time standard in any four different race distances from the ones listed below:

  • 1 mile

  • 5 km

  • 5 miles

  • 10 km

  • 10 miles

  • Half marathon

  • 20 miles

  • Marathon


Plus, one league or championship cross-country race, or one mid-week league road race as a Watford Jogger.


Time standards are set out here, categorised by gender, age and race distance. There are six possible standards of achievement: Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum.


The award standard achieved will be the lowest of the four times submitted, e.g. 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze = Bronze Beechnut Award.


Requirements for a Motiv-8 Award

You need to complete all eight different race distances listed above, irrespective of time.


Plus, one league or championship cross-country race, or one mid-week league road race as a Watford Jogger.

​Claiming a Beechnut and/or Motiv-8 Award

Every Club member is eligible for both or either award, provided they have completed sufficient races as required. In fact, it is possible to claim two Beechnut Awards in any one calendar year, if during that year you move up age group.


You must register your claim for awards by submitting a form to the Club Secretary.

Beechnut and Motiv-8 Trophies are presented on Awards Night.


  • Awards are for races completed within any one calendar year.


  • Beechnut standards are for accurately measured road or multi-terrain races only, which must be ARC or UKA/RRC certified for accuracy.


  • Qualifying races should be run under BAF Rules, where the course is accurately measured. However, with some of the shorter distances, consideration may be given to standards gained at fun runs etc. where the distance is known to be accurate.


  • Races that contain the distance in their title qualify for a Motiv-8 award. For example, “Dunstable Challenge 20” is a valid race for Motiv-8, but not for Beechnut!

  • Marathon plus races, i.e. any ultra marathon, qualify and can be substituted instead of a standard marathon for Motiv-8 awards only!


  • International races qualify for Beechnut and/or Motiv-8 awards, provided they are sanctioned by a recognised athletic governing body.


  • Only official races or virtual races count for Beechnut and Motiv-8 Awards. Training runs do not count!

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