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Committee Members

The Watford Joggers Management Committee looks after the Club and the welfare of its members as set out in the Constitution. The current Committee, including the Club Welfare Officers, was elected at the Annual General Meeting on 7th February 2024.

You can contact the committee at:



Colin Taylor

President &

Club coach

Club President and member of Watford Joggers all my running life, since 1981! Raced 100m to 100K. I love running, I love encouraging runners and helping develop the Club platform to facilitate running. My commitment to the Club has remained steadfast over the decades in the multitude of roles that I have undertaken. Amongst other things I currently lead the Autumn 10K and coach. Always a delight encouraging runners to be their best.

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John Henke


I joined Watford Joggers in 2008. This enabled me to get some structure into my running and train for various events. I have found the Club to be inclusive and welcoming for runners of all capabilities and the social side of the Club is very good too. The club is there for its members. In my capacity as Chairman, I work with our very enthusiastic and diverse committee to ensure that we deliver what our club members want. Our aim is to keep our current members engaged, as well as being attractive to new members.


Paul Hogan

Vice Chairman

In 2019, having tried a little running 5 years earlier and not really falling in love with it, a good friend's London Marathon effort inspired me to give it another go and the rest is history! Like many, the pandemic really elevated my efforts and getting a little lonely out on my own, joining Watford Joggers in 2021, really was the cherry on the cake. My running family! The friends I have made are true, and the camaraderie and support is wonderful. Through experience, I'm a great advocate of the benefits of running in respect of addiction recovery and mental health, and I am open regarding my battles with both.


Nazar Zaidi


After getting into running during the pandemic, I am really glad I decided to join Watford Joggers in early 2021. With a solitary form of exercise such as running, it is great to have the possibility to join others on regular runs; whether that's our Wednesday night group runs, Mid-week league evenings or just Saturday morning parkruns at Cassiobury followed by a coffee. Apart from that, we have regular social events so it is really like being part of a big running family. Outside of my role on the Committee, I work in the field of taxation. When I'm not regaling Joggers on why Jaffa Cakes don't attract VAT, I also like to spend time reading and drinking coffee.


Vicky Williams

Club Secretary

I joined Watford Joggers in 2017 and the Committee in 2022. It took me ages to pluck up the courage to try a run with the Club as I’d thought that running clubs would be only for the super speedy, and geeky. I’m so glad I did as since then I’ve had many running adventures and made some great friends along the way. Joining the Club has opened up a new world of trail, fell and cross country running for me. I love meeting up with team mates on regular club nights, parkrun tourism and Sunday runs. Discovering new off-road routes continues to be fun and highly motivating, ensuring that I put my trainers on and get out. I recommend the club to everyone I meet!! It’s a fabulous way to get fit, take part in all sorts of running and make friends.


Sarah Coltman

Membership Secretary

I joined Watford Joggers in 2006 with one goal - to meet people, doing this and much more! I have gained so many likeminded supportive friends through the Club. I love chatting to new members so becoming Membership Secretary is so rewarding, and it warms my heart to watch people grow from nervous walk-joggers to strong, confident runners doing longer distances. When I supported London marathon runners at the water station in 2009, I realised that with the support of my club mates I could run a marathon for my 40th birthday; and I did! Over the next 15 years, I went on to do 3 more marathons, along with multiple half marathons across Europe. I particularly enjoy a friendly Friday Fun run followed by tea and cake or a sausage egg bap for a great work-life balance. And, I am a regular at Sunday Social runs, usually after an energising stint at Junior Parkrun as a volunteer.


Lucy Glass

Committee Member & Welfare Officer

I became a member of Watford Joggers in 2013 whilst training for my first London marathon. I can remember seeing a bunch of people out running on a Wednesday night, and keen to meet other runners, I stopped and asked who they were. The following Wednesday I joined my first ever Club run and haven’t looked back since. I’ve made life long friends and love the fact that there is always someone to run with. I have a friendly and approachable personality which is a perfect fit for being the Club's Welfare Officer. You can contact me directly, on any welfare matter, at:


Andrew Lord

Welfare Officer

I joined the Club in 1992 having just picked up the running bug, but also for the social aspect. As a jogger rather than a runner it was great that all levels of ability were catered for, and even as times change the Club's guiding principle continues to be inclusivity for all its members. Social engagement within the Club has been all that could be hoped for; we have had running trips abroad and within the UK, Christmas, New Year and special birthday celebrations, and much more! As Club membership increases, groups are arranging their own runs in addition to regular Club nights, for flexibility and socialising, so there is always a buzz and excitement with running as a focal point. I act as Club Welfare Officer, being a registered social worker with safeguarding training and experience. You can contact me directly, on any welfare matter, at:

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Marcus Edwards

Committee Member &

Club coach

I joined the Watford Joggers back in 2003! For the 6 years prior to that I just ran one or two miles, on a Sunday morning, in an effort to keep my desk-jockey body somewhere near fit. It was my youngest daughter who nagged me into considering taking running more seriously, like running a marathon! Having taken part in two small local races I realised that running a marathon was not going to be easy. So, with a lot of trepidation - I had not liked any sport at school - I joined a ‘Running Club’. 12 marathons later and more races than I can count, I found that I really did like running. I have been a part of the Committee for several years, in many different roles, and coordinated volunteering events on our Club's calendar - my favourite has to be Track Night for the joy of running on a proper track and that feeling of althetic stardom! Running, coaching and the Watford Joggers are a central part of my life.

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Robert Kenison

Committee Member

I joined the Club in 2015 when I retired from full time employment. Watford Joggers was my first ever running club! Since joining, I have run marathons, half marathons, entered National and Herts XC championships plus many other racing events. All this has been achieved with great support from fellow Club members. In 2017, I became Kit Manager and Chairman from 2018 to 2022, steering the Club through the tricky years of the pandemic. Over that period, we developed innovative ways for engaging our members while supporting them to maintain their health and well-being through running. I enjoy my continuing involvement with the Committee, actively supporting all our events through volunteering and coordinating.


Morgan Zagerman

Social Secretary

I joined Watford Joggers in January 2020 when I first moved to the area. I was hoping to meet people and also get better at running. Nearly 4 years later, I’m very pleased to say I’ve done both of those things. I first started doing walk-jog (which I would highly recommend for any beginner runner) and then I gradually got quicker and more confident. I’ve now managed to complete a number of half marathons and I am training for the Manchester Marathon in April 2024. This will be a big achievement for me as before I joined the club, I couldn’t run a 5k without stopping! My favourite thing about Watford Joggers is how supportive everyone is, and how we really push each other to achieve our goals.


Andreas Schwarz

Social Secretary

I have been a Club member since 2017, initially I thought it would be a good way of meeting people and get tips for my first Marathon. Six marathons later and countless other races I am still around! I am a slow runner and I am always amazed how inclusive and supportive the Club members are. Being a Social Secretary is the perfect role for me, as I enjoy the socialising aspect of running with like-minded people. I get great joy from organising and helping out at the numerous social events such as, the summer BBQ, Quiz Night, the annual Christmas party and much much more!!


Stephen Hobbs

Kit Manager

I joined Watford Joggers in 2018 after seeing them pace at Cassiobury parkrun and thought if you can’t beat them – join them! In my main role on the Committee, I am responsible for sourcing, ordering and distributing our famous red and white harlequin running tops. But, I also play an active part in social events such as, chef at our annual BBQ and quiz master at our charity quiz night. On a Saturday morning, you will usually find me at Cassiobury parkrun, being a Run Director, where the Watford Joggers provide pacers once a month.


Anatole Ransom

Charity Coordinator

I joined Watford Joggers in 2015 after training and completing the Great South run. I enjoyed the training side of it but thought I'd enjoy it even more if I ran with like-minded people who also share a passion for running around in circles, in the dark, come rain or shine! At Watford Joggers, everyone is welcoming and encouraging no matter what stage you are at with your running journey.


Yasmin Shahrad

Social Media Manager

I joined Watford Joggers at the start of 2022 to meet new people, and I never imagined what a positive effect it would have on my wellbeing and how much fun I would have. Before joining I had never run more than 10k, but have since competed in lots of races, including my first half marathon. I’ve even been on two amazing trail running holidays in the Lake District, something I would never have had the confidence to do without the support of fellow club members. Watford Joggers is a club that supports and encourages everyone, no matter their speed or experience, and as social media manager I love celebrating our members’ achievements and promoting our great events.


Katerina Fellas

Website Manager

I became a member of Watford Joggers in 2013 with zero running experience, having been a couch potato all my life! The support from this wonderful Club had me completing my first race, the tough Watford Half Marathon, within 3 months of joining. Although my running experience has had its ups and downs, it continues to be overwhelmingly positive and I now enjoy participating in multiple running events each year - with Sunday Cross Country League being my favourite. Having recently retired from teaching, I now have time on my hands to tinker with the website - your feedback is always very welcome!!

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