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Last updated: 26/03/2020

Covid-19 is an unprecedented situation and we want to do our best to support club members through the challenges ahead. It's ok to find this difficult - reach out to the club, the committee - whoever you need during this time. One thing that is clear already is that we are a social bunch and are all keen to support one another.

Please, do not meet up or run with club members - we must play our part.

Our approach is constantly evolving, but already we are trialling the following - If you have wider initiatives to share, please let us know.

Virtual video catchups - 8:30pm on a Wednesday night. We can offer this more regularly if popular! To join: 

Click this link or open the zoom app on your laptop/phone:
Enter the Meeting ID: 378 053 0181

Virtual Pub Quiz - Friday 3rd April 8:30pm

Virtual Pilates - Initial trial Wednesday 25th March at 7:30pm.  Facebook event for 24/03/2020 can be found here

Virtual intervals - Colin will prepare weekly sessions which we'll post here!

From Colin 24/03/2020: 

These are different times. We are not allowed to meet up, but we are encouraged to keep fit. There are unlikely to be many races in May. All marathons are now postponed to the Autumn.This is a ideal opportunity to try different things. We all experience an endorphin hit when running. This makes us feel good. Putting some extra effort increases this. Make at least one run a week a training run. On this run, try some Fartlek, a Swedish word for speed play. Run up a hill faster than usual, run hard to the 5th tree, for example, or to the next major path junction. As long as you run fast, then recovery you will  benefit.

Perhaps 8 efforts to start with, ensuring a 10min warm up and allowing for a 10 min cool down. One tip, don't make the efforts too short and recoveries too long. Why? Because you will be fully recovered and then run too fast, recipe for injury.
Have fun, run fast, run slow, enjoy the fresh air.

Remember that the 'Tastic' group on Facebook is a great way to connect with fellow joggers, as is the Whatsapp group.

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